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Positioning Commercial CCTV Cameras for Maximum Surveillance

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are crucial part of any commercial security system. They provide valuable footage for identification and prosecution purposes and act as a deterrent to potential criminals. However, more than simply installing CCTV cameras is required. Their positioning is also vital for maximizing their effectiveness. In this blog, we will discuss the best positions for commercial CCTV cameras and tips for ensuring optimal coverage and efficiency.

The Best Position for Commercial CCTV Cameras

1. Entrances and Exits

One of the primary locations for CCTV cameras is at the entrances and exits of your commercial property. It will help you monitor who enters and leaves your premises and capture clear images of their faces. Position cameras above doors, gates, and windows where people are most likely to enter and exit. Ideally, the cameras should be mounted high enough to prevent tampering but within the range to capture clear facial images.

2. Reception and Customer Service Areas

Monitoring reception and customer service areas is essential for several reasons. Firstly, these areas are often the first point of contact for customers and visitors, making it necessary to ensure a positive experience. Secondly, these areas are often targets for theft and other criminal activities. Position cameras in such a way that they cover the entire space, including cash registers, desks, and display shelves.

3. Storage Rooms and Warehouses

Storage rooms and warehouses are prime targets for theft and vandalism. Installing CCTV cameras in these areas will help protect your valuable inventory and deter potential criminals—position cameras to cover all entrances and blind spots that intruders might exploit.

4. Parking Lots and Garages

Parking lots and garages are other common target for theft, vandalism, and violent crimes. CCTV cameras should be installed in these areas to ensure the safety of both your employees and customers. Position cameras to cover entrances, exits, and any blind spots created by parked vehicles or other structures.

5. High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas, such as hallways, stairwells, and elevators, should be monitored with CCTV cameras. These areas are often used by criminals to move between different parts of your property, making it essential to monitor them closely. Position cameras so they can capture clear images of anyone driving through these areas and any suspicious behavior.

Tips for Ensuring Optimal Coverage and Efficiency

1. Consider the Field of View

When positioning your CCTV cameras, it is essential to consider their field of view. It refers to the area that the camera can see and record. Aim for a camera with a wide field of view to cover larger spaces, but ensure it can still provide clear images.

2. Opt for High-Resolution Cameras

While saving money by opting for lower-resolution cameras might be tempting, this can be a false economy. High-resolution cameras provide better image quality, allowing for easier identification of individuals and the ability to zoom in on specific areas without losing image quality.

3. Use a Combination of Fixed and PTZ Cameras

Security companies point out that fixed cameras are great for monitoring specific areas continuously. In contrast, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras can be controlled remotely to focus on different locations as needed. By combining both types of cameras in your system, you can ensure comprehensive coverage of your entire property.

4. Regularly Review Camera Positions

Reviewing and adjusting your CCTV camera positions is essential as your business evolves. Doing this will ensure that your system remains effective and provides optimal property coverage.


The positioning of your commercial CCTV cameras plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of your security system. By focusing on high-risk areas, such as entrances and exits, reception areas, storage rooms, parking lots, and high-traffic areas, you can maximize the coverage and efficiency of your system. Additionally, considering factors such as field of view, camera resolution, and combining fixed and PTZ cameras can further enhance your security system's effectiveness. Regularly reviewing and adjusting your camera positions will ensure your security system remains up to date and continues to protect your business effectively.

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